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Rick Hollar - Principal


Rick Hollar is a seasoned project engineer and consultant with 30 years experience successfully directing multi-disciplinary marine projects in local, domestic, and international arenas.  These projects include construction monitoring and support, engineering surveys and manned and unmanned submersible operations.  He has conducted site engineering studies and post construction monitoring surveys for man-made oil production islands and the first sub-sea arctic pipelines.  His specialty is the conduct of non-standard field surveys in remote locations including project design and implementation and data collection, processing, and analysis. In 1996, he participated in the formation of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Beach Monitoring Program and managed that program until 2005.  The data and analysis from the study were used in the planning, designing, and execution of the SANDAG Regional Beach Sand Project, which resulted in the placement of 2M cy of sand on the beaches of San Diego County and was selected by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association as the premier beach nourishment program in America in 2001.


Mr. Hollar recently was the construction representative for the Oooguruk Island Construction for Pioneer Nature Resources in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea.  The completion of the $15M, eight acre island required the construction and maintenance of 14 miles of ice roads and the mining, hauling, and placement of 450,000 cy of gravel at the offshore site.  He managed a staff of six safety and environmental personnel and was responsible for the daily reporting, adherence to technical and permit specifications and coordination between the construction contractors with over 100 operators and labors committed to the project.  Despite a short construction window, the project was successfully completed.


He frequently consults for the USACE, Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC), managing a dive team servicing wave and water level gauges in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  The data is used to calibrate physical and numerical models of the port complex.  Other consulting projects included completion of bathymetric surveys for the production of navigation charts of the Kuwaiti Territorial Waters.  These charts were employed by the US DOD in the planning and execution of Operation Desert Storm.  He has also conducted surveys and inspections of submarine pipelines for the California State Lands Commission and the Minerals Management Service.


Mr. Hollar obtained his BS degree from the University of Michigan and MS from the University of California, Berkeley.  He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Coasts, Oceans, Ports and River Institute (COPRI), and both the American and California Shore and Beach Preservations Associations (ASBPA and CSBPA).


Orin Jewett ?Chief Surveyor


Orin Jewett has 30 years of international experience as a land and hydrographic surveyor.  He is responsible for the technical design and quality control for all Nearshore and Wetlands Surveys projects.  He developed software that allows the Imagenex Acoustic Profile to be used as a bathymetric survey tool.  The transducer of the profile rotates while transmitting and receiving acoustic signals.  This allows soundings to be obtained abeam of the survey vessel and under floating structures.  This adaptation has been used successfully to map the seafloor under piers, boats, and docks in marina and ports, extending survey coverage beyond what would be possible with a traditional depth sounder.  It has also proven to be an effective and efficient method to map shallow, narrow channels in estuaries and wetland areas.


Mr. Jewett was instrumental in the development of a construction and survey navigation software package.  This software was used during the development of the network of oil platform and pipelines in the San Pedro and Santa Barbara Channels and Santa Maria Basin, north of Point Conception.  The software allowed for input from multiple positioning systems including Ultra Short Baseline Acoustic trackers.  This made it possible to simultaneously track and navigate multiple survey vessels, anchor tugs, barges, ROVís, submersibles, and towed sensors.  The software package was further developed and adopted by the US Navy for mine detection and mapping.


He began his career as a land surveyor during the early days of the Prudhoe Bay Oil Facilities and the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline.  From there he migrated to the North Sea, where he lent his expertise and experience to the development of that field.  He was responsible for all offshore survey activities and construction monitoring of the Ocean Beach Outfall in San Francisco and conducted the as-built surveys to document the SANDAG Regional Beach Sand Project, a project which resulted in 2 million cy of sand placed on the beaches of San Diego County.

Mr. Jewett obtained his BS degree from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.


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